The Good Life

Estoublon, more than a luxury hotel

Everything is possible within the walls of this privately-owned Provençal Château that is so much more than a luxury hotel. A magnificent family home since 1731, Château d’Estoublon is unique: a place where the joie de vivre of day-to-day life plays out across the château’s grand interiors (1.500 sqm²), set among 500 spell-binding acres of vines, olive groves, woods and parkland.



The English Bar

Dim Light

Plush red velvet and tassels, matte black bar top and English club chairs.

This bar is just for you and your invited guests: family, friends, children, with perhaps a butler or a wine waiter, all overlooked by an unknown beauty from Arles on the wall,

painted by a 19th C artist. Enjoy it as you please. This bar belongs to you.

Dining Rooms

French art de vivre

Château d’Estoublon reinvents the French way of life, its sumptuous interiors offering a stunning contemporary reinterpretation of luxury. 

Ground-floor Plan



The library

And his pool

French pool surrounded by blond oak libraries to read, play, watch the players. 

The Grand Salon


There is always a Grand Salon in a grand Family Home. This one has French windows opening onto a terrace overlooking a bed of multicoloured roses. Some people play Bridge here, others tell each other stories while watching the flames dance in the fireplace.

Luxurious suites

La Roseraie

Room with lounge area and fireplace, Queen-size bed, dressing room, bathroom, separate shower (57 sqm²). The original Hungarian point parquet flooring harmonizes with the Braquenié drapes inspired by 18th C. embroidered silks.


57m² / King-size bed / utility room

2 bathrooms / Chimney

Les Oiseaux

Room with King-size bed, boudoir-style lounge, dressing room, bathroom, shower- bathtub (87 sqm²). Private terrace, two fireplaces. Decorated with still life paintings and a selection of portraits chosen from the private art collection of Ernest Schneider.


78m² / King-Size beds/ Utility Room

Lounge  / Bathroom / Terrace / 2 Fireplaces